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Pictures of me.

@hi_imcole snapped this while I was sleeping the other day. Too in love with how this came out.
I actually just own a big baby. He chooses to be held like this all the time and will yell at me until I do so. I love him.

“She was laughing even as we kissed and kissed again. There is no better taste than someone else’s laughter in your mouth.”

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Brand New - Degausser


Brand New | Degausser

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ouieer said: You'reeeeee a cutie :D

Thank yewwww!

perks of dating me


• cuddles
• sometimes im funny
• i wont cheat bc i hate everyone
• surprise hugs
• random kisses
• actually respond to your texts
• play video games/listen to music
• more cuddles
• butt touches
• lightsaber duels
• we can eat lots of snacks

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Cole caught me sleeping hehe so excited about how awesome this looks.
Also say hello to my gorgeous new baby! I’m so in love and excited to have a wonderful actual working car again! 💜💜💜

queentittys said: Wait when is your birthday??

March 20th

@hi_imcole is awesome and got a couple of these chemex mugs for us. So excited!!