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Hmph ๐Ÿ˜Œ feeling very wonderful lately despite all of this stuff going on. I’m so lucky to have the people surrounding my life. ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“


American Football - Honestly?

“I felt a tremendous distance between me and everything real.”

—   Hunter S. Thompson (via psychedelic-orgasm)

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bpmguitar asked: how long have you been a barista?

A year and a half a little over

Anonymous asked: Do you have a plan for how you want the rest of the year to go for you? Anything in particular you're going to do or places you'll be? Anything you're trying to accomplish?

Not sure! Most of my thoughts for the future involve improving and learning about coffee and taking my life as it comes. Just being happy.

Anonymous asked: You've seen a lot of horror movies, but are there any that actually frighten you?

Not many, usually the haunting ones kind of freak me out.

Anonymous asked: Do you have bars or hoops for your chest piercings? Which do you prefer?

For my nipples? I have bars and I really like them

pxstmxdern asked: How long have you been working in coffee and what keeps you motivated? I've only been working in a cafe since december and I really like it but I don't love it and I can't help but feel like the cafe I work at is holding me back.

I’ve been in coffee just about 2 years, learning and improving everyday and the coffee community is what keeps me motivated

azazellust asked: helloooo, good evening! what's something you have planned that you're excited for in the near future?

Competing as a barista is my next big goal and plan for the upcoming year

gildedcosmos asked: hello! long time follower, first time questioner. How are you?

Well thank you loyal follower! I’m good!