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Mirah - We're Both So Sorry


I abdicated, now I’m just a prince without a land.
My subjects all adore me but for this I had them banned.
Now could I trade my guilt for a good flogging by your hand?
And hey, i’m sorry ‘bout so much baby but I know you’ll understand.

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Anonymous asked: Height and weight? You're perfect

5’3” 105lbs

thank you!

Yep 😏



Yep 😏


Anonymous asked: Do you like Mexican men?


chaosrefin3d asked: Oh and you have an adorable belly button :)


bryanschiele asked: If you could only brew coffee with one device for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? (If you say French Press, I'm hitting the unfollow button 😁)

HAHAHA v60 for sure!!

chaosrefin3d asked: Where do you see yourself in the next 90 seconds?

In my roommates car with her like I am right now

Anonymous asked: Top or bottom?

All of it

northwestgentleman asked: What's a good memory from when you were a kid?

Ummmm idk there’s not many.. It’s sad that that’s a really hard question. Sorry

ohthatidiot asked: coheed and cambria. perfect! :)


A few weeks old but here yah go

Anonymous asked: When are you sending Polaroids?

When I get my car stuff figured out

iwiwd666 asked: Favorite food?? Favorite movie? Favorite tv show?

Mac n cheese, Coraline, and currently Broad City

dionysus66 asked: I you were on a deserted island, and you could bring one person, one cd, and one other item, what would your choices be?

I would bring Krissy, Coheed and Cambria and water because survival

Where all the asks at?? You guys have been neglecting me. Ask it upppppp