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Pictures of me.

have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

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The same ole side-beard, tongue out picture as usual.


The same ole side-beard, tongue out picture as usual.

Unframed version hi

Unframed version hi

driftxwander said: How do you like the Aeropress? I'm partial to my Chemex, but thinking about picking one up!

I’m obsessed with the aeropress. It’s one of my favorites along with v60 and Kalita wave. I’ve never been a big chemex person really. I also don’t like to make that much coffee at a time for myself. I definitely recommend it! Super easy and fun to play around with and the easiest clean up!

He’s so handsome. I’m a lucky girl.

I got approved for a loan today for a new car! Volkswagen rabbit here I come!! I’m actually having a really good day. Coles headed here and were going to sell some of his clothes and drop off resumes so I can get a new job and not be miserable all the time. I feel really good right now. Let’s say this means things will start looking up. I really hope.

Post work out/ frank bod shower feeling amazing.
I smell like coffee and my skin feels amazing. @frank_bod rules.
Pre work out
Oh hello there 💜
🌞 (at Echo Coffee)
Transit - Please Head North


Transit | Please Head North

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fed up with indecisive people.

yes or no





Something in the Way [Vocal and Cello only]

Really amazing, Kurt’s voice is just like morphine.

This is so beautiful. I didn’t want it to end.